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Hi, I'm Giovanna Conforti, 

a flexible and enthusiastic Motion designer, Illustrator, Graphic designer based in Edinburgh.


Throughout years of design studies and daily practice I have acquired hand and digital  drawing, layout design, motion graphics, analytical and problem solving skills.

My daily creative tools are the Adobe Creative Suite on desktop and the App Procreate on iPad

I adore combining unusual elements together in order to express a sophisticated meaningful message. 

I also tend to pay a great attention to the typography components of the artworks and how to give life to them through animation.

I define myself a person who loves to use the power of visual communication with a keen eye for details and with the desire to share the same passion for creativity with other people.

In March 2023 I finished attending the Advanced Motion Methods course from School of Motion which has given me an extensive knowledge on how to plan and create  visual appealing motion graphics pieces that stand out.

I am now very focused in getting more work experience in this field as I absolutely  fell in love with it.

In June 2019 I graduated in HND Visual Communications at Edinburgh college.

I am eager to constantly keep learning and improving my skills through online tutorials available on websites such as Skillshare or Linkedin Learning. 

Other than design, I am very keen in learning how to play piano and I am currently taking tennis lessons.

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